Whilst clients often begin the web design process with great enthusiasm, it often wanes over time and this can slow and reduce your project closure rates.

Traditionally, after delivering a first draft design, clients take days to pick over every detail of the design, making suggestions, requesting changes and generally critiquing your work. Many designers are finding this to be a less efficient way of managing projects and have found more success by structuring the project into phases. An example is outlined below:

Hack I – Present The Design

When presenting the initial design, make it as complete as possible. If a client hasn’t provided images and content, then take some time to develop both. This is a massive opportunity to upsell the client to copywriting services and ensures that the client isn’t just looking at a design filled with dummy content. Why is this bad? Becuase clients focus much more on design when there is no content to think about. It benefits both you and the client if you can present a design that’s almost ready to launch.

Hack II – Request Feedback With Reasons

You’ve presented your best work, and the chances are your client loves it. Rather than inviting feedback on design and actually requesting changes, frame your communications differently. For example, if a client has a number of changes they wish to make, ask them to jot down the reason for the change. This will help to reduce poorly thought out requests and prompt your client to think more deeply about whether something actually needs to be changed for a reason, rather than just a whim.

Hack III – Closure & Launch

Some clients are keen to stretch the design process out longer than needed. This ends up making a project more costly to deliver and results in lower closure rates. Avoid this by being frank with clients from the outset, that timelines work both ways. Avoid starting any project which doesn’t have at least a provisional launch date. “Work expands to fill time” so make sure both you and the client keep communication timely and purposeful.

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