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Are Web Designers Charging Enough Money?

We’re often asked how much a website costs and more often that not, the question is being asked (innocently enough) by someone who thinks it’s possible to estimate costs for a project whilst knowing absolutely nothing about it. It prompts the question though – how much should you charge a client for a website? Should […]

The Hidden Cost of Sales That’s Killing Your Marketing ROI

When you are considering how much to spend on marketing and advertising, you may be overlooking a critical (often hidden) cost of generating new business. Whilst it’s easy to calculate ad spend, and general sales and marketing overheads, it’s often much more difficult to accurately calculate the time your sales team are spending with potential […]

Generating Leads For Your Web Design Business Doesn’t Have To Be A Scary and Frustrating Experience.

Generate High Quality Leads Consistently Like The Marketing Ninja You Know You Are… The truth is, web designers are not, by default, marketing experts. There, I said it. Sure you can create great looking websites, that look amazing on any device, and of course, you can setup an AdWords account and start advertising, but when […]

3 Hacks That Improve Project Closure Rates

Whilst clients often begin the web design process with great enthusiasm, it often wanes over time and this can slow and reduce your project closure rates. Traditionally, after delivering a first draft design, clients take days to pick over every detail of the design, making suggestions, requesting changes and generally critiquing your work. Many designers are […]