Web Designers: 3 Snapchat Hacks That Boost Your Sales

If you feel a little left behind by the snapchat revolution, fear not. We’ve three hacks to get you started on the road to Snapchat marketing. We’re assuming you’ve downloaded the app, registered a business account (if not, go do that first!).

  • Talk about yourself. A Lot.

In order to get the most out of snapchat, you’ll want to set aside any fears you might have about being overly narcissistic. Show your work proudly and rather than just displaying homepage, after homepage of your completed projects, try to focus on specific elements, eg. Great logos you’ve designed, or slick looking lead generation forms, perhaps even just pleasing colour schemes.

This seemly insignificant content gets a lot of attention, particularly on snapchat, and provides a great brand touch point to enhance your potential customer’s pre-sale relationship with you.

  • Stories give your message power. Use them.

Snapchat is a massively powerful way to tell stories, and stories are how we sell websites to businesses. Whilst a website can be seen (rightly) as a business necessity it is also a chance for business to find a new creative side to its personality.

Sharing stories of previously completed projects (eg. Talking about the creative process of designing the site) rather than just showing the finished project, is the key to engaging users on Snapchat and get them excited about starting a project with you.

  • Run Promotions for reason

15% off this, or 30% off that, is just too tired to catch a prospect’s attention. Instead, add value by running promotions on specific project upgrades that fit with seasonal holidays. Whilst this might feel a little more suited to the B2C rather than B2B market, it provides similar results. Project upgrades such as “free stationary design for Halloween” or “free logo animation for Easter” will drive interest and brand engagement.

Snapchat is a great way to drive enquiries into your web design business and will probably form part of your overall strategy. If you are looking for a more immediate way to generate leads, then consider talking with Web Design Index. We connect UK businesses with Web Design agencies who can take on their projects and deliver stunning results. Interested in buying leads for web design? Head over to our suppliers page for more information.

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