With an average cost-per-click of £7.00 on AdWords for the term ‘web designer’, we’re asking the question: Is AdWords really providing value for money?

More and more agencies are forced to use AdWords as a rapid way of increasing the leads coming into the business, and therefore the number of solutions sold. Whilst AdWords often provides a revenue increase, it also comes with a very real monetary cost and of course, time cost in following up with mildly interested prospects who intend to proceed “within a few months or so”.

Let’s face it, proposals don’t write themselves and in order for you to give a proper indication of what you can deliver for a client, you need to invest time, figuring out what it is they want and need in a solution.

The problem with AdWords generated leads, is not that they lack any value, it’s that they come with hidden costs. If you are in the position of having to run AdWords campaigns as your main way of generating leads, and you feel that you simply aren’t getting the value you used to, it may be time to consider buy leads instead of clicks.

When you buy leads, you are cutting out the most costly and ineffective part of your marketing – speaking to businesses who aren’t interested in your offering. This is the most time consuming and onerous part of the sales cycle, and the truth is no-one enjoys it.

At Web Design Index, we connect UK businesses who are looking for web designers with an agency that fits their needs. We’re able to deliver leads directly into your business, connecting your sales team directly with decision-makers who have a genuine requirement.

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